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NATIONAL CATHOLIC MISSION – Monday, April 18 and Tuesday, April 19 Global TV, 4:00 pm and 7:00 p.m.

PREP SHADOW STATIONS: The Level 7 PREP class will again be having their Shadow Stations of the Cross, Wednesday, April 20th at 7 pm. Everyone is welcome!

BIBLE STUDY: No Bible Study on Monday, April 18. The next Bible Study will be on Monday, April 25 at 7 pm.

This year we read St. Matthew’s Passion on Palm Sunday. One sentence has been misunderstood by Christians for centuries. This has caused anti-Semitic attitudes and feelings against Jewish people; many have died because of Christian anti-Semitism. In his recent book Jesus of Nazareth, Part II, 2011, p. 186-7, Pope Benedict gives us the correct meaning of this sentence in St. Matthew.
“When in Matthew’s account the “whole people” say: “His blood be on us and on our children” (27:25), the Christian will remember that Jesus’ blood speaks a different language from the blood of Abel (Heb 12:24); it does not cry out for vengeance and punishment; it brings reconciliation. It is not poured out against anyone; it is poured out for many, for all. Read in the light of faith, it means that we all stand in need of the purifying power of love which is his blood. These words are not a curse, but rather redemption, salvation. Only when understood in terms of the theology of the Last Supper and the Cross, does this verse from Matthew take on its correct meaning”.

REFUGEE FUND DINNER: Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the silent auction, greeting, serving cooking, and clean-up, the people who donated to the silent auction and grab bags: CWL, Knights of Columbus, Young-At-Heart, Social Justice, St. Vincent de Paul, Legion of Mary, Mary Davidson; donations for the door prizes: Safeway, Royal City Farmers’ Market, Save-On-Foods, Andy Boch, John Forget: A Big Thank You to Andy and Stefani Boch for a wonderful meal, Gerry Spindor MC, Vern & Alicia Piper for music, John & Lily Forget for the flowers, Stefani Boch for placemats and prayer cards, and Larry Lambert (bar). $ 2,544.32 (Dinner)/$ 2,052.75 (donations).
Refugee Fund Committee: Nora Riordan (Chair), Jean Bouchard, Andy & Stefanie Boch, Margarete Bradley, John Forget and Gerry Spindor.

FEAST OF DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY, MAY 1: Everyone welcome! Celebrate with us – The Legion of Mary Praesidium of Mary Immaculate and Queen’s Park Mass Team/Prayer Group will lead a nine-day prayer to start on Good Friday. The first two days are to be done individually and the rest after Daily Mass. On the Feast Day it will be at 3 o’clock. Booklets at the back of the church during Novena Days. Call Grace @ 604-517-5558/Louisa @ 604-521-7956.

GOOD FRIDAY PONTIFICAL COLLECTION: The collection this year on Good Friday, April 22 will be in support of the Christian communities, the Holy Land, the upkeep of the Holy Sites and the formation of future priests.