Parish Committees

Parish Council: The role of the Parish Council is to provide leadership and to promote the pastoral, spiritual and social life of the Parish. The current members are:

  • Ed De Marchi (Chair)
  • Bill Conolly
  • Wally Licas
  • Marlene Giddens
  • Beth Mitra
  • Gail Thomson
  • Teresa Wright
  • Fem Muralla
  • Vangie Knowles

Finance Committee: The role of the Finance Committee is to administer the finances of the Parish, to provide sufficient funds for the needs and ministries, and to care for the physical plant. The current members are: 

  • Paula-Marie Manuel (Chair)
  • Louis de la Torre
  • Gina Tolentino
  • Eileen Jang
  • Elvis Atienza

Maintenance and Building Committee:  The current members are:

  • Rod Giddens (Chair)
  • Fr. Jack Herklotz
  • Bill Conolly
  • Ed DeMarchi
  • Werner Meisl

Liturgy Committee: The role of the Liturgy Committee is to plan and co-ordinate the liturgical activities of the Parish. The current members are: 

  • Sloane Drennan (Chair) (Music)
  • Marisa Brown (Altar Servers)
  • Giuliana Graves (Liturgy)
  • Rebecca Licas (Hospitality & Ushers)
  • Angie Kok (Children’s Liturgies)