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Bible Study: We will continue our weekly Bible Study sessions on Monday, October 15 at 7:00 pm in the meeting room. This year we continue with the second half of the Acts of the Apostles. Then we will begin to study St. Paul’s Epistles. This is a good opportunity for those who are interested.

Adult Faith Formation and RCIA: Do you want to learn more about your Catholic faith? Join us at our weekly meetings on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 / 9:00 pm beginning on October 16 in one of the meeting rooms. This is also an invitation for those adults who want to join the RCIA in preparation for the sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist) or for those members of other Churches who are interested in joining the Catholic Church.

CWL ANNUAL BAZAAR – Saturday, October 27, 10 am to 3 pm in the Parish Hall: We are looking for donations for our Silent Auction, Baking Table, Jewellery Booth, Crafts and Sewing Booth and Christmas Booth. Cash donations are also welcome! Raffle tickets will be on sale today for $ 10 a book. If you have any good new or quality items to donate or need information contact Anne at 604-526-6602.

THE GRACE OF FORGIVENESS – Thursday, October 18, 7 pm at St. Peter’s Church Hall: Forgiveness has healing power! At this powerful workshop you will learn the facts about forgiveness and how to truly start the path where resentments won’t have any power over you anymore. Registration: $ 20. To register call 778 239 7996 or email

Opening Address of the Second Vatican Council

Pope John XXIII (October 11, 1962)

Mother Church rejoices that, by the singular gift of Divine Providence, the longed for day has finally dawned when – under the auspices of the virgin Mother of God, whose maternal dignity is commemorated on this feast – the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council is being solemnly opened here beside St. Peter’s tomb.

In the daily exercise of our pastoral office, we sometimes have to listen, much to our regret, to voices of persons who, though burning with zeal, are not endowed with too much sense of discretion or measure. In these modern times they can see nothing but prevarication and ruin. They say that our era, in comparison with past eras, is getting worse, and they behave as though they had learned nothing from history, which is, nonetheless the teacher of life. They behave as though at the time of former Councils everything was a full triumph for the Christian idea and life and for proper religious liberty. We feel we must disagree with those prophets of gloom, who are always forecasting disaster, as though the end of the world were at hand.

The Church’s solicitude to promote and defend truth derives from the fact that, according to the plan of God, who wills all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth (1 Tim 2:4), without the assistance of the whole of revealed doctrine men and women cannot reach a complete and firm unity of minds, with which are associated true peace and eternal salvation.

Indeed, if one considers well this same unity which Christ implored for his Church, it seems to shine, as it were, with a triple ray of beneficent heavenly light: namely, the unity of Catholics among themselves, which must always be kept exemplary and most firm; the unity of prayers and ardent desires with which those Christians separated from this Apostolic See aspire to be united with us; and the unity in esteem and respect for the Catholic Church which animates those who follow non-Christian religions.

Dear Friends in Christ:

At Baptism, each of us is given the responsibility to be a missionary: to share our faith joyfully

with all people, those near to us and those in distant lands.
The celebration of World Mission Sunday on October 21 gives us the opportunity to reach

out to more than two-thirds of the world’s people who have yet to hear the Good News. We can offer our prayers for this cause of spreading the love of Christ. Moreover, we are all called upon to give our financial support for the mission of making Jesus known “to the ends of the earth.”

World Mission Sunday does not just take place here in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. It is a universal celebration desired by our Holy Father, a time of worldwide recommitment to engage Catholics throughout the world in the Church’s evangelizing mission.

The missionary work of the Church depends on each one of us. In this special collection on October 21, please be as generous as your means allow. Let us all continue to pray that we in the Archdiocese will be effective witnesses and courageous proclaimers of Jesus to our world.

With cordial greetings and my blessing for you and your families, I remain Sincerely yours in Christ,

J. Michael Miller, CSB Archbishop of Vancouver