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THANK YOU TO THE CWL for their generous donation of $ 5,000 towards the new keyboard and other needs in the sacristy.

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS BURSARY: Two bursaries of $ 500 each to be awarded to a registered member of St. Peter’s Parish who will attend 1st year of post-secondary education. Application forms are available at the back of the church and must be returned by May 31. For further information call 604-525-3030.

THANK YOU to Rob Kok and Christie Bruce for a wonderful job with 11 Confirmands. Thanks to the CWL for your gifts to the confirmands &Toni De Marchi for decorating the sanctuary and the lovely pew bows. PREP REMINDERS:

FINANCE MEETING – Tuesday, May 22 at 7 pm in the Meeting Room.

PROJECT ADVANCE 2012 “Sharing With Joy”

Dear Friends in Christ,
The Catholic community of our Archdiocese is thriving. Every time I visit a parish on an ordinary Sunday, for a special celebration or to celebrate Confirmation, I experience enthusiasm for the Gospel. Your vitality comes from following Christ devoutly and from sharing your faith with your families and others. Each parish community carries out the Church’s mission as it opens its doors in welcome to all who need to hear the Good News: seniors, growing families, young people, the single and the widowed, those strong in faith or those who are searching. Because of you, our local church can welcome others on an even wider scale. You help support new parishes and secondary schools. You give youth and young adults opportunities to study their faith and to embrace it more fully. You read our website to learn more about how we are serving you. You support Catholic Charities so that those less fortunate are given shelter, food, counselling and assistance to start again. In these and many other ways, we are working together as members of the Body of Christ: whatever we do for others, we are doing for Christ. You, through Project Advance make all of this possible. I invite you to support Christ’s mission in our midst. Each of us has received gifts and talents from the God who loves us and calls us to develop those gifts and share them with others. I ask you to be as generous with others as the Lord has been generous to you.
+ J. Michael Miller, CSB, Archbishop of Vancouver
Canvassers will be available after all Masses to take pledges. Our parish diocesan goal is $ 30,500. Any money received on top of this amount comes back to the parish as a rebate. Please be generous.

BUILDING ENHANCEMENT FUND: The parish is once again running a Building Enhancement Fund Campaign. Volunteers will be available after all Masses to receive donations. Donations can be made by cheque, cash, or credit card. Building Enhancement Fund Envelopes (in the pews), can be filled out and given to volunteers or put in the collection basket. The money collected will help future church renovations.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

MINISTRIES SCHEDULING: In June we will be working on a new schedule for all ministries covering the period from June 30 to December. In preparation for this schedule, please let the parish office if you want to help at specific masses or discontinue. Altar servers’ let Marisa at 604-523-0573 know if you don’t plan to continue being an altar server or if you prefer to serve at a different Mass time. We are very short of altar servers at the 5:00 p.m. Mass on Sundays and it would be much appreciated if you can serve at this Mass or switch from another Mass. Adult altar servers may also be needed for this Mass.

PEROGY SALES & SUPPERS – Every Last Friday of the month starting May 25 (Except July & August) 5 pm to 8 pm at Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, 501, 4th Avenue, New Westminster.

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