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CLERGY AND RELIGIOUS DINNER: The Knights of Columbus will be sponsoring an appreciation dinner for the Clergy and Religious of our area on Monday, April 8 at St. Peter’s Church Hall. Cocktails: 6 pm. Dinner: 7 pm. All parishioners are welcome. The 4 course dinner is $25 per person. Contact Gerry Spindor at 604-931-7108 for tickets. The Knights of Columbus invite you to belong to their organization. For info call Rod Giddens at 604-525-3030. Knights of Columbus will have their membership drive in March.

FEAST OF DIVINE MERCY – Sunday, April 7. Everyone welcome! Celebrate with us – The Legion of Mary will lead a nine-day prayer to start on Good Friday. The first three days are to be done individually and the rest after Daily Mass. On the Feast Day it will be at 3 o’clock. Booklets at the back of the church during Novena Days. Call Grace at 604-517-5558/Louisa @ 604-521-7956.

ZUMBA POTLUCK – Tuesday, April 2, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm. Come and enjoy. Phone Flora (604-421-5189) and let her know what you are bringing. A donation of $ 5.00 is appreciated for the church.

FR. EDWARD DANYLO EVANKO in Holodomer: MURDER BY STARVATION, Ukrainian Famine/Genocide 1932-33 on Saturday, April 6, 2 pm at the Theatre of the Justice Institute of BC, 715 McBride Blvd. NW.

NO BIBLE STUDY, April 1 and 8.

EASTER TRIDUUM – The Three Great Days.
For three days, from Holy Thursday evening to Easter Sunday night, the Church celebrates the Paschal

Mystery of Jesus Christ. This is his work of saving us by his dying and rising; one great act of God’s love and

mercy for all people.

Evening Mass: We remember the Passover Feast of the Jewish people and the Last Supper of Jesus with

his disciples when we celebrate the Eucharist this evening. Before he offers himself on the cross, Jesus takes bread and says, “This is my Body”. He takes a cup of wine and says “This is my blood of the new covenant….shed to save all sinners. Do this in memory of me”.

Paschal Fast: This morning we begin our two-day fast in preparation for the Easter Vigil. We eat less food

than normal and cut out entertainments. Good Friday is a universal day of fasting and abstaining from meat. Liturgy: At 3:00 o’clock, the time of our Lord’s death on the cross, we come together in church to remember what Jesus has done for us. In the service of the Word, we listen to the solemn proclamation of Jesus’ passion according to John, then offer prayer for the world and for God’s people, the Church.

We venerate the cross, and receive the Body and Blood of the Lord in Communion.


On this day, the body of Jesus lay in the tomb and the disciples hid behind locked doors. In the Church, Holy Saturday is a quiet day, the great Sabbath rest.

Easter Vigil: This service is the most important celebration of the Church year: It takes place during the dark

hours of the night. It has four parts:

1) The Service of Light.
2) Liturgy of the Word. Readings from Creation to the Resurrection.
3) Baptism and Confirmation, baptismal vows.
4) Eucharist.
Easter Day: The joyful celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection continues. Alleluia! Meaning “Praise to God!” is our shout of joy. The Easter Season continues until Pentecost, 50 days after Easter.

COURSE: TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE: Attend full course or individual session.
1. session: Learn how to forgive even the most difficult resentments.
2. session: Uncover limiting beliefs and fears that are creating chaos in your life and discover how to replace them with encouragement and motivation.
3. session: Learn about love for yourself and the world. Without love we can’t live happy lives.
4. session: Learn how to live your life on purpose and be happy.
When: April 15, 22, 29 and May 6 at 7pm.
Where: St. Peter’s Church,
Price: $100 for full course or $30 for individual session
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