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YAH BINGO – Thursday, March 20, 1 pm in the Hall. Admission is $ 1.00 which includes refreshments and $ 1.00 per card for 10 games. Come on out and have some fun and bring a friend.

Parish GIFT Event: An invitation is extended to parishioners of all ages to come to our Lenten GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) evening on Wednesday, April 9. The event will begin with supper at 5:30 p.m. followed by interactive sessions for both adults and children. This year’s theme, “Rising with Christ”, will help us prepare for Holy Week, particularly the Easter Triduum. Ticket sales begin today after all the Sunday Masses and PREP on April 2. The cost is: Adults $10.00; Seniors and Children 5-11 years, $5.00; Families of 4 or more, $25. Please note that tickets will not be sold at the door. We are also in need of more volunteers. If you can help please add your name to our signup sheet at the back.

MEET YOUR RELATIVES PART TWO – GRASSROOTS ECUMENISM: Offices of Ecumenical Relations of the Archdiocese of Vancouver and Anglican Diocese of New Westminster are hosting a series of gatherings and dialogue that will help build relationship and friendship. The conversations in a relaxed, respectful and joyful environment will help Catholics and Anglicans to grow together in faith, love and service as valued members of the Body of Christ. The second gathering will be from 2 to 4 p.m. at Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral in New Westminster, Sunday, March 23. More info and registration: Marjeta Bobnar at 604-683- 0281 ext. 229 or

St. Peter’s Parish Social Justice Committee
Annual Report for 2013
Focus: reaching out to provide help where needed in the community, in collaboration with other agencies, since 2005. By collaborating with community organizations, we avoid duplication of efforts and concentrate

help where needed.
2013 Social Justice Committee membership: Nora Riordan, Carole McConville, Marisa Brown, Sharon Johnson, Mary Shore, Bill and Norah Andrew; supported by the many (40 plus) parish volunteers who help with the monthly meal and parishioners who donate so generously to the committee’s projects.
Monthly meal at Salvation Army (6th Street) – food is purchased, prepared and a hot meal served to between 80 – 130 people on the last Sunday in each month. The majority of those served the meal are men, but there are also women and children. Volunteers from the parish help the committee members prepare and serve, and help clean up after the meal.
Annual gift bags for Luke 15 Halfway House – the parish responds to the annual appeal for items for Luke 15 residents very generously, enabling the Committee to distribute 20 – 25 gift bags there each Christmas. Family Place: The parish also responds generously to the appeal for items for Family Place, and as well, the committee delivers Christmas boxes of food and gifts to several single parent families attached to Family Place. These hamper contents are provided by St. Vincent de Paul and the recipients are extremely grateful. Organizing Committee for the Fund Raiser Social Evening for the Parish Refugee Family Sponsorship Initiative: generously supported by the parish through ticket sales, the 50/50 draw and auction item revenues (contents also donated by individuals and parish organizations). The 2013 dinner was, as in the past, very successful due to the continuing support of the parish.
Financial Support:
St Vincent de Paul provides nearly all of the funding for the monthly Salvation Army lunches dinners; and the Knights of Columbus have donated funds to support this project as well.
Telus: Recently, Telus Corporation has contributed the costs of a Salvation Army meal and they also donated Comfort Kits (soap, towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks and the like) distributed at the Salvation Army lunch. As well, as a result of the Social Justice/Telus partnership, it has been possible for Telus Comfort kits to be directly provided to a special service for new mothers and infants needing support.
Local Supermarkets Periodically, local supermarkets also give discounts on food purchases for the monthly meal.
Parishioners: Donations from parishioners to contents of gift bags and hampers, and to the Refugee Social. The Committee is once again extending its deep appreciation for the generosity of the parish in responding to the appeals for Luke 15 and Family Place, the Parish Refugee Fund Raiser, and for volunteering with the monthly Salvation Army lunches. We are also grateful for the support of St Vincent de Paul and the Knights of Columbus. Without this support, the Social Justice Committee could not provide these activities.

CHOIR SEEKING TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: We are seeking someone to sit with the choir and run the computer and projector during the 9 and 11 am Masses on Sundays. If you would be willing to volunteer your time or if you have any questions, please contact Sloane at




Eucharistic Ministers

(& Collectors)


Altar Servers

Sat. 5 pm

L: Vangie Knowles C:Wally Licas

Patricia Hunt Peter Tolentino Ed Wunderlich

John Rei Cabaron – U Peter Becher
Danny Acosta
Meitek Nieradka

Peter Tolentino

Morgan Denny Michaela Gavino Wilhelm Gavino

Sun. 9am

L:Tracy MacKinnon C:Graeme MacKinnon

Rod Giddens Marlene Giddens Carole McConville

Akok Bol – U
Dan McGuire
Werner Meisl
Vera Ellen Baughman

Dan McGuire

Morewa Adeyemi Yosola Adeyemi Mark Almonte

11 am

L:Daniel Vickers C:Ligaya Temper Tura

Joseph Nguyen Tess Marier Felino Ponio III

Merlie Garcia – U Chito Garcia Thelma Cruz Manny Cruz

Armida Beasley

Joseph Melliza Justine Palanog Mikhaella Teodoro

5 pm

L:Nora Sabau C:Salvacion Laurel

Tim Salvacion Nora Riordan Bernadette Keenan

Louis de la Torre – U Lina Furminger Veronica de Guzman

Ricardo Payot

Jullianna Oke Etella Keenan James Nicolas

Coffee Sunday Hosts & Hostesses

Liturgy of the Word with Children

Sun. 9 am


Tom & Giovanna Ciprian


Andrea Lee & Maggie Lister

Sun. 11 am


Elvis & Melody Atienza



Angie Kok & Marian MacDougall