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PARISHIONERS please fill out the form in the pews regarding your interests in parish activities. Your cooperation in helping us maintain a fragrance free environment if greatly appreciated.

ZUMBA POTLUCK – Tuesday, July 24 after the regular class.
THE LAST ZUMBA CLASS WILL BE ON Tuesday, July 31, 6:30 to 7:30 pm. The next class resumes on Tuesday, September 4, same time

PARISHIONERS WHO PARK IN THE LOADING ZONE please refrain from doing so as seniors cannot be dropped at that zone and they have to walk up the hill if dropped elsewhere.

Archdiocesan Goal: $ 30,500. # of Pledges: 112. Total Amount Collected: $ 34,472.
Any amount collected on top of the pledged goal comes back to the parish as a rebate.
If a parishioner would still like to contribute towards Project Advance, they can do so by filling out a brochure from the church entrance, contact the parish office or online at:

Donations can be made through the Sunday Building Fund Envelopes or contact the parish office.

PRO-LIFE COLLECTION – June 17 amounted to $1,205. Thank you for your generosity.
The amount raised in the Burnaby Pro-Life jurisdiction (Burnaby & New West) was $ 10,414.32.
This money will be distributed between Campaign Life Coalition, Birthright, Burnaby Pro-Life and other Pro-Life groups.

On Easter Sunday after the 9 am mass a green Honda Civic coupe was driving down Royal Avenue in the right lane outside City Hall. It was coming to a red light at 6th Avenue when a silver Hyundai merging into the right lane collided with the Civic. If there are any witnesses to this accident please call ICBC with claim # P526215-3.

SEEKING A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD? Be spiritually renewed by this seven-week FREE “Life in the Spirit” program. It is an opportunity to experience a deeper knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and experience the full release of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The seminar will run from July 19 to August 30 at Our Lady of Good Counsel parish, 10460-139th Street, Surrey. Last day for registration is July 15th. Speaker for all the 7 sessions are priests from the different parishes. To register call: Rose Zuniga: 778-829-8007; Marian Ocampo: 604-377-3638;

Marjorie Bernal: 604-580-3900; Dar Maddatu: 604-715-3766.

STEWARDSHIP REFLECTION: In today’s Gospel the people in Jesus’ own hometown were very upset by his teaching. The stewardship message is challenging and at times can make us feel a little uncomfortable. Our own friends and family may even question our commitment to this way of life. Yet, stewardship is exactly what is needed in a society that worships complexity, busyness, and the excessive accumulation of material goods. When questioned will you have the courage to take the risk of being a prophetic disciple who lives a steward’s lifestyle?