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YOUNG-AT-HEART CHRISTMAS DINNER – Thursday, December 6 after the Noon Mass. Tickets will be sold before the 9 and 11 am masses today. Tickets: Paid up Members: $ 20. Non Members: $ 25.

SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE: We will again be collecting items this year for Christmas gift bags to be delivered to the residents of Luke 15 House (adult men), December 2nd, December 9, 16. Some suggestions would be new socks, gloves, scarves, candy, toiletries, underwear, books, games, gift cards to Tim Horton’s McDonald’s or movies. No used items.

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY once again is making preparations for the Christmas hampers. There are already 105 requests on the list and there will be more requests for hampers to come. We need your support in cash donations and/or non perishable food items. A Christmas tree is set up with envelopes attached. Inside of the envelopes there is a label with the name of a person to buy a present for. Make sure that the LABEL is put ON the parcel and NOT LEFT in the envelopes. Christmas hampers will be delivered on December 22. We are in need of drivers and helpers to distribute these hampers. If you can help please contact Corrie at 604-520-6140. Your gift must be in not later than December 20. Thank you very much.

In order to promote steady employment for the minority Christians in Bethlehem & Jerusalem, those families who carve the olive wood are seeking our support by purchasing their crafts only available Saturday/Sunday, Dec. 8/9. The sale is our little way of assisting this community and supporting the last minority of Christians to be rooted in the Land of Christ. It is also a way of preserving a local cultural heritage which is in danger of being lost as more Christians feel pressured to leave their homeland for economic and political reasons. You can buy the religious crafts for gifts or collection.

Altar Servers’ Movie afternoon: In appreciation for their service to the church, St. Peter’s would like to treat all altar servers to a movie. We plan to see “Life of Pii”. On Saturday, December 15 please meet at the Landmark Theatre located on the sky train level at the New Westminster sky-train station. The movie starts at 12:50 p.m. please be there by 12:30 latest. As the movie is approximately 2 hours long, please be picked up by 2:45. If you are planning to attend, please call Marisa at 604-523-0573.

EUCHARISTIC ADORATION – First Friday, December 7 from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm.
If a parishioner would like to purchase a Sunday Missal, contact Margarete Bradley. Cost $ 3.00.
2013 SUNDAY COLLECTION ENVELOPES: Please pick up your designated envelope boxes from the foyer of the Church Hall. These envelopes have to be used from January 1, 2013.
YOUTH MINISTRY SUNDAY – DECEMBER 2: The purpose of this archdiocesan collection is to assist the work of Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry (“OYYAM”) in providing formation, training and support for youth and young adult ministry. Youth ministry in our diocese continues to grow, as evidenced by the number of parishes with youth ministry programming, and the number of participants at diocesan events and training opportunities. Parishes with active youth ministry programming will receive a rebate from this collection. Please be generous in supporting the youth of our parish and archdiocese.

Vatican II: Constitution on the Liturgy – Marriage, Advent.
1. Marriage. Before Vatican II, there was only a liturgical marriage rite for a marriage between two Catholics. Inter-Church or mixed marriages were rather rare in comparison with today. Inter-Church (mixed) marriages were celebrated either in the parish house or in the sacristy with only the witnesses present. The service was very short. Since Vatican II there are three forms of the marriage liturgy.
a) Marriage between two Catholics is celebrated ideally within Mass although it may also be celebrated with a liturgy of the word.
b) Marriage between a Catholic and baptized person from another Christian Church (Inter-Church or Mixed Marriage) is usually celebrated with a liturgy of the word and not with a Mass. In the Archdiocese of Vancouver, about 50% of the marriages are Inter-Church Marriages. Since both spouses are baptized, it is a sacramental marriage.
c) Marriage between a Catholic and a non-baptized person is not a sacramental marriage, but it is a valid marriage. It includes scripture readings, prayers and exchange of marriage vows.
In Canada, the priest functions as a witness of the Church as well as a civil agent. The wedding is both a religious and a civil celebration. There is another practice in some other countries where the civil and religious services are distinct and separated. The couple is married in a civil service at City hall. This is followed by a religious service in the Church.
The ministers of the sacrament of matrimony are the couples themselves. The priest is the official witness.
In the catholic understanding, marriage is a sacrament and covenant between a baptized man and woman in an intimate union of mutual love and for procreation of children. God is present and active in the joining of the two in the bond of marriage. Unity, indissolubility and openness to fertility are essential to the marriage.
The marriage liturgy highlights the equality of the couple. The marriage blessing for the husband affirms: “may her husband put his trust in her and recognize that she is his equal and heir with him to the life of grace.”
2. Advent. The word “Advent” refers to the coming of Jesus Christ in the world. Advent has a two-fold focus on Christ’s Second Coming in glory at the end of time. The last weeks are a preparation for Christmas when we remember and celebrate Christ’s birth, his first coming to us. Before Vatican II Advent also had a penitential character; it was sometimes called a little Lent and it included the practice of fasting. Today, Advent is not a penitential season that looks forward to the return of the Lord for judgement but rather a celebration of the birth of Jesus, and in that light, a time of waiting for the final coming of Christ in glory at the end of the world.