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NO BIBLE STUDY, Monday April 8.
EUCHARISTIC ADORATION – Friday, April 12 from 12:30 pm to 2 pm.

COURSE: TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE: Monday’s April 15, 22, 29, May 6 at St. Peter’s Hall.
Session 1: Learn how to forgive even the most difficult resentments.
Session 2: Uncover limiting beliefs and fears that are creating chaos in your life and discover how to replace them with encouragement and motivation.
Session 3: Learn about love for yourself and the world. Without love we can’t live happy lives.
Session 4: Learn how to live your life on purpose and be happy.
$100 for full course or $30 for an individual session.
Register now at or call Milena @778 239 7996.

St Peter’s Parish Social Justice Committee
Annual Report for 2012
Focus: reaching out to provide help where needed in the community, in collaboration with other agencies, since 2005. By collaborating with community organizations, we avoid duplication of

efforts and concentrate help where needed.
2012 Social Justice Committee membership: Nora Riordan, Carole McConville, Marisa Brown, Sharon Johnson, Mary Shore, Bill and Norah Andrew, supported by the many (40 plus) parish volunteers who help with the monthly meal and parishioners who donate so generously to the committee’s projects
Monthly meal at Salvation Army (6th Street) – food is purchased, prepared and a hot meal served to between 80 – 130 people the last Sunday in each month. The majority of those served the meal are men, but there are also women and children. Volunteers from the parish help the committee members prepare, serve and clean up after the meal.
Annual gift bags for Luke 15 Halfway House – the parish responds to the annual appeal for items for Luke 15 residents very generously, enabling the Committee to distribute over 20 gift bags there each Christmas
Family place: The parish also responds generously to the appeal for items for Family Place, and as well, the committee delivers Christmas boxes of food and gifts to several single parent families attached to Family Place. These hamper contents are provided by St. Vincent de Paul and the recipients are extremely grateful.
Organizing Committee for the Fund Raiser Social Evening for the Parish Refugee Family Sponsorship Initiative: generously supported by the parish through ticket sales and bidding on the auction items also donated by individuals and parish organizations.
Financial Support:
St Vincent de Paul provides nearly all of the funding for the monthly Salvation Army lunches dinners; and the Knights of Columbus have donated funds to support this project as well.
Telus: Recently, Telus Corporation has contributed the costs of a Salvation Army meal and they also donated Comfort Kits (soap, towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks and the like) distributed at the Salvation Army lunch. This year, the Telus kits also went to a special service for new mothers and infants needing support.
Local Supermarkets Periodically, local supermarkets also give discounts on food purchases for the monthly meal
Parishioners: Donations from parishioners to contents of gift bags and hampers and to the Refugee social.
The Committee is very appreciative of the generosity of the parish in responding to the appeals for Luke 15 and Family Place and for volunteering with the monthly Salvation Army lunches. We are also grateful for the support of St Vincent de Paul and the Knights of Columbus. Without this support, the Social Justice Committee could not provide these activities.