Prayers for the Sick | Jul 29

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Please remember those among our families and friends who are suffering the burden of illness or pain especially: Albertine de Cupyer, Fleur Ange Diemert, Jessie Galliano, Peter Hendricks, Russell Jurick, Fran Thomson, Michael Breslin, Maria Gameiro, Chris Cooley, Olivera Lambeta, Christina Donovan, Hermine Gauthier, Kathleen McGuire, Donna Montgomery, Elizabeth Kelly, Christopher/Amy Evans, Laura Polych, Fluorina Polych, John Pandolfo, Alfred deSouza, Julia Doyle, Grace McFall, Marlon Peters, Jacob Ziemnicki, Desmond Hughes, Rose Helmink, Tena Colton, Josephine Spindor, Mimi Wunderlich, and John Scigliano. May they experience the love and warmth they need, that they may be healed in body and spirit.

Please keep in your prayers: Keith Duperron who passed away on Thursday, July 19 in Penticton.