St. Vincent de Paul Society

The objective of the St. Vincent De Paul Society Conference in St. Peter’s is to serve and assist the poor and those in need.   We are supported by a monthly collection which we use to give assistance in many different forms, such as helping with rent, giving groceries and food vouchers.   Personal contact with those helped, including home visits, is an integral part of the spirit of the Society.  We meet on the third Thursday of each month at the Parish Centre at 6:30pm.   All parishioners are welcome either to attend or to contact us to learn more about the Society or to let us know of persons needing help.

Who: Patt Irvine (President), Corrie Heijke, Chantal Hudspeth, Eileen Brown, Joe Paquin, John Riordan, Patricia Hunt, Wally Licas.

Contact: Please call or email the parish office for more information